If you’re interested in joining the community to build a better SQL, here are ways to start:

PRQL is evolving from a project with lots of excitement into a project that folks are using in their work and integrating into their tools. We’re actively looking for collaborators to lead that growth with us.

Areas for larger contributions


The compiler is written in Rust, and there’s enough to do such that any level of experience with Rust is sufficient.

We try to keep a few onboarding issues on hand under the “good first issue” label. These have been screened to have sufficient context to get started (and we very much welcome questions where there’s some context missing).

To get started, check out the docs on Development and the Compiler architecture

And if you have questions, there are lots of friendly people on the Discord who will patiently help you.

Bindings & integrations

For PRQL to be successful, it needs to be available for the languages & tools that people already use.

  • We currently have bindings to the PRQL compiler in a few different languages; many of these can be improved, documented, and packaged in a better way.
  • If you have experience with packaging in an ecosystem that doesn’t currently have bindings, then creating PRQL bindings for that language we don’t currently support would be valuable to the project.
  • If there’s a tool that you use yourself to run data queries which you think would benefit from a PRQL integration, suggest one to us or the tool. If it’s open-source, build & share a prototype.

Relevant issues are labeled Integrations.

Language design

We decide on new language features in GitHub issues, usually under “language design” label.

You can also contribute by:

  • Finding instances where the compiler produces incorrect results, and post a bug report — feel free to use the playground.
  • Opening an issue / append to an existing issue with examples of queries that are difficult to express in PRQL — especially if more difficult than SQL.

With sufficient examples, suggest a change to the language! (Though suggestions without examples are difficult to engage with, so please do anchor suggestions in examples.)


  • Improve our website. We have a few issues open on this front and are looking for anyone with at least some design skills.
  • Contribute towards the docs. Anything from shaping a whole section of the docs, to simply improving a confusing paragraph or fixing a typo.
  • Tell people about PRQL.
  • Find a group of users who would be interested in PRQL, help them get up to speed, help the project understand what they need.

Core team

If you have any questions or feedback and don’t receive a response on one of the general channels such as GitHub or Discord, feel free to reach out to:

Core team Emeritus

Thank you to those who have previously served on the core team:

  • @charlie-sanders — Charlie Sanders