Python bindings to prqlc

The prqlc-python crate offer Rust bindings to the prqlc Rust library, published to a python package named prqlc.

The main entry point is a Python method prqlc.compile(query: str) -> str.

The package is consumed by pyprql & dbt-prql.

The crate is not published to; only to PyPI at


pip install prqlc


import prqlc

prql_query = """
    from employees
    join salaries (==emp_id)
    group {employees.dept_id, employees.gender} (
      aggregate {
        avg_salary = average salaries.salary

options = prqlc.CompileOptions(
    format=True, signature_comment=True, target="sql.postgres"

sql = prqlc.compile(prql_query)
sql_postgres = prqlc.compile(prql_query, options)

Relies on pyo3 for all the magic.