prql-net offers PRQL bindings for .NET bindings as a netstandard2.0 library.

It provides the PrqlCompiler class which contains the ToJson and ToSql static methods.

It’s still at an early stage, and isn’t published to NuGet. Contributions are welcome.


Make sure that (Linux), libprqlc_c.dylib (macOS) or libprqlc_c.dll (Windows) is in the project’s bin directory together with PrqlCompiler.dll and the rest of the project’s compiled files. I.e. {your_project}/bin/Debug/net7.0/.

The libprqlc_c library gets dynamically imported at runtime.


using Prql.Compiler;

var options = new PrqlCompilerOptions
    Format = false,
    SignatureComment = false,
var sql = PrqlCompiler.Compile("from employees", options);


This is currently at 0.1.0 because we’re waiting to update prqlc-c for the latest API. When we’ve done that, we can match the version here with the broader PRQL version.