Developing with Dev Containers


Currently the Dev Container included in this repository only supports the amd64 platform.

Dev Containers are a way to package a number of developer tools (compilers, bundlers, package managers, loaders, etc.) into a single object. This is helpful when many people want to contribute to a project: each person only has to install the Dev Container on their own machine to start working. By definition, the Dev Container has a consistent set of tools that are known to work together. This avoids a fuss with finding the proper version of each of the build tools.

While there are a variety of tools that support Dev Containers, the focus here is on developing with VS Code in a container by GitHub Codespaces or VS Code Dev Containers extension.

To use a Dev Container on a local computer with VS Code, install the VS Code Dev Containers extension and its system requirements. Then refer to the links above to get started.